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Sweet Soul Shop Review ♥



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REVIEW: Sweet Soul Shop - Alien Baby Sky High Platforms


I’m going to review some super cool platforms I bought from p0kemina's Storenvy shop 'Sweet Soul Shop’!!

Sooooo, I ordered these a week ago, and they came in today! I was very excited as I thought it was a different parcel, but these came so early!



They got shipped from Guangdong in China, so I am pleased with their arrival time!

Their platform size on Sweet Soul Shop says 4.5cm, but my pair actually comes to 7cm for the base platform, and 9 for the heel, so really I am actually quite happy because I’m a lil short teehee!

They are very comfortable as well, the material is soft and the platform is squishy hehe~


They smell a lil bit weird, but that’s just a storage thing I guess.

There are also a couple of small design errors (off stitching, marks etc.) but these are rather unnoticeable, and not a bother to me at all because I love these shoes so much, and they only cost $30!

So, without further ado, my ratings!

Product: 4.5/5 (nothing is perfect in this world, so this is practically a 5 rating heehee~)

Service: 5/5 (for shipping, didn’t have much contact with the shop - but I didn’t need to because everythings was so easy to order and get)

Comfort: 5/5 (so sooooooft~ ㅇㅅㅇ)

Here is the link for anyone who wants to buy!

Another customer review ♡ Thanks so much for your feedback sweet pea, I hope we can continue to improve~!

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Heart-Locket Purse Review



My heart-lock purse came in from Sweet Soul Shop

Here’s the actual stock photo from the site:


I’ve been using this bag everyday, and it goes along well with most of my wardrobe.


 It’s pretty roomy inside as well; It’s capable of holding my iPad2 with it’s case, a couple mini-notebooks, and the various other things I like to carry without bulging much, if not at all.


It has a zipper compartment along with a divided side pocket making it easy to organize items. 


Here’s a picture of me with the bag! 

If you’re interested in this bag or other cute things like it, check out Sweet Soul Shop for more great stuff and use the code ‘elizabellpanda’ for a 10% discount on purchases over $50. I’ll be posting more stuff soon. :3

Cute coordinate~!!!