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Sweet Soul Shop Review ♡

Oooo~! Some more reviews~

*spends birthday at university*

Sweater: Titty&Co.
Skirt: Children’s store (I’ve had it since I was 7 or something haha)
Tights and Shoes: Sweet Soul Shop
Bag: Sanrio Little Twin Stars 🎀


My new shoes for Himekaji coords~ Eeep they’re so cute! Review coming soon! ♡

Can’t wait~!

Cute Pastel Crop Knit from SweetSoulShop - Sponsored Review
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To all of you for being the best and the sweetest. We really appreciate all your love and support. Your enthusiasm with logging your entries has truly been exciting.

We have a lucky winner~! And we’ve displayed their entry number on the original giveaway widget (found in the giveaway post link) and sent them an email.

We want to thank you all, again, for participating in this awesome event. You all did great ; 7 ;

We look forward to holding more of these in the future and hope they continue to run as smoothly ♡