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Dear customers, Storenvy will soon be discontinuing payment via paypal, and will be implementing a new system called Stripe. Due to this, it’s likely we will close temporarily to accommodate for this new system. Although, it’s likely we may need to close permanently or find another platform to use, because we know that paypal is the preferred method of payment, safe and easy to use, and geared towards customer satisfaction and protection**. We sincerely hope you all understand and we thank you all for your immense support. We will work as hard as we can to keep open because providing cute fashion to everyone brings us so much joy~!! ♡ We love you ♡

**edit: this is only for the marketplace portion of storenvy, but it will still affect a few aspects about the checkout process in this way. It’s likely we will still need to close temporarily for maintenance and implementation. Sorry for any confusion~!

Calling all egg princesses~!!!
Please take note darlings~! All open orders to date are being processed as normal. But any orders from Oct 1st - Oct 5th won’t be put into processing until after Oct 5th due to this national holiday. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding ♡
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